Huffman Elementary School Site Improvements

May 2011 to August 2011
Anchorage, Alaska
Traffic Staples
Decorative Barrier Fence
Access Gate
Bike Racks
Flag Pole

Provide and install all to remove and re-use/replace traffic staples; provide and install decorative barrier fence, including all appurtenances and finishes as required; access gate and tie-backs; bike racks; install flag pole as required by plans and specifications.  

Performance Highlights: 
Outcome was successful, project was completed ahead of schedule, Owner was satisfied with end product and workmanship. Decorative hands on the Barrier Fence was an enjoyable segment of the project.
"To whom it may concern, I am a Project Manager for Roger Hickel Contracting. In this capacity I have had the fortunate opportunity to work with AAA Fence on various projects throughout the Anchorage Bowl. The most recent projects in which I have worked with AAA Fence include the AWWU 1MG Reservoir Project (2010), the Mears Middle School Site Improvements (2010), and the Huffman Elementary School Site Improvements (2011) projects. AAA's scope of work on these projects entailed site fencing, decorative panel installation, bollard installation, and installation of various other site appurtenances. Their contract amounts on these projects were upwards of $130,000. Through the course of working with AAA on the above mentioned projects I have come to know many of their management and field personnel. I have found them all to be honest, cooperative, and conscientious in all facets of their work. Their management personnel are responsive in supplying submittals, pricing, and other administrative documentation. This ability, coupled with their competence, has certainly benefited our projects in keeping them on schedule and on budget. AAA Fence field personnel are not only proficient in their own trade; but routinely demonstrate the ability to work in and around the work of other trades in a safe and efficient manner, once again lending itself to the maintenance of the overall project schedule. AAA's work is always of the highest quality, the scrutinizing governmental Owners of the projects that we have worked on with them have never been dis-satisfied with AAA's workmanship. I would highly recommend AAA Fence for any fencing or site improvement project that you may have. Roger Hickel Contracting certainly intends to continue to use AAA Fence on future projects." ~ Scott Dunlap, Project Manager